A Coffee filter… Really?

I have to admit… I love gadgets.

I love little gizmo’s that do something cool. I fell in love with the iEverything from day 1.  And photo gear?  It is a plethora of really cool stuff. Well, really cool if you like photography 🙂 

My list of photo-awesome-accessories is longer than the kiddos Christmas lists.  Now, you don’t NEED tons of accessories to take awesome photos. But some women love their shoes. Some women love their purses. And some like their photo stuff! (I am in the last group by the way)

To the point…

Most awesome photo gear is expensive. I understand why, if you build it – they will buy. And we do.  I have been eye-candy-googling the expodisc

I have wanted one for about 6 months but been afraid to put the money down. So when I watched Zach and Jody use one on creativeLIVE I really got to see it in action (not youtube). But still, a hundred dollars is a hundred dollars. So I googled. And then bought a coffee filter 🙂

You see I still am going to get an Expodisc but in the meantime… I have this.


Yep, that is a coffee filter cut to fit between two spare uv filters.


But what does it do?


The first image is taken with auto white balance in a room with window light directly across from my subject. Not good but fixable in post and an extra few minutes of editing.

The second is after I took a photo with the cf (coffee filter) in front of the lens. Then setting a custom white balance to the photo of the cf.

Let me know what you think!


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