Dallas Clickin Walk 2016

Dallas Clickin Walk 2016

A few images from out adventure on the Dallas Clickin Walk 2016..

The Dallas Clickin Walk 2016 was this Saturday. I want to start this by telling y’all that I am an introvert! Like big time. A full on INFJ.  I can still remember taking the personality test in my interpersonal communications class in college. I always knew I was a shy, quiet person with strong beliefs but when you see it in a class I guess it just dings. So anyway, getting back to this weekend. So there was a photo walk. A photo walk is where you meet up with other photographers and walk around making pictures. I have been on a few photo walk, one that was great was with Trey Ratcliffe around the arts district of Dallas. So this Saturday morning there was a Clickin Mom’s Photowalk and I signed up. Sophie agreed to go with me, as long as we could leave if she was bored or tired. Deal made (and she never got tired until we started eating, which I think she was bored)! So we woke up early and off we went!

Here are some images from our adventure!


clickinwalk2016-001clickinwalk2016-002clickinwalk2016-003Dallas Clickin Walk 2016clickinwalk2016-005Kristina McCaleb Photography Dallas Children's and Newborn Photographyclickinwalk2016-007clickinwalk2016-008clickinwalk2016-009Kristina McCaleb Photography Dallas Children's and Newborn PhotographyDallas Clickin Walk 2016clickinwalk2016-012clickinwalk2016-013Dallas Clickin Walk 2016clickinwalk2016-015Kristina McCaleb Photography Dallas Children's and Newborn Photographyclickinwalk2016-017Kristina McCaleb Photography Dallas Children's and Newborn PhotographyKristina McCaleb Photography Dallas Children's and Newborn PhotographyDallas Clickin Walk 2016clickinwalk2016-021clickinwalk2016-022clickinwalk2016-023clickinwalk2016-024clickinwalk2016-025clickinwalk2016-026clickinwalk2016-027


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