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Melinda + Ryan Introducing the Houghton Family Their wedding was perfect! It was a perfect surprise. Their guests had no clue. They were all invited to an engagement party to celebrate this beautiful couple. And when they arrived they were greeted with a beautiful wedding. I love the guest and especially their parents reactions. What…

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4 Years In… June 1st is my birthday. My business birthday that is. I would like to thank all of my wonderful friends and clients and clients who are now friends. It is because of y’all that I am where I am today! June 1st is my birthday. It is my business birthday. I have officially…

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017! It’s a New Year!! Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017! Every new year seems to be a fresh start. Things magically are new again and there is a world of possibilities. For me being a small business owner it is when I change things up a bit. This year it is subtle but…

Black Friday Fun & a little GIVEAWAY!   I love Black Friday! But even more than that I am THANKFUL! I am thankful for y’all! If you are on my newsletter list you are about to get a special email. And to share some love and thankfulness I wanted to giveaway something that I love…photographs. ….

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    I always LOVE all of our pictures! You are simply the best!! ReplyCancel

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    Happy Thanksgiving! My sister Brittany Jenkins sent me the link to this blog, love your photos! -Caitlin Foerstner ReplyCancel

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    Would love to win a session for our new blended family!ReplyCancel

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    Love all of your photos! You are so talented! Happy Thanksgiving!ReplyCancel

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Inspired by Pink, Purple, and Baby Girl Love Beautiful First Family Photographs Sometimes I get to create the first, most of the time second because hospital pictures do count, family photos for my wonderful newborn clients. These beautiful, loving parents couldn’t take their eyes of their sweet baby girl. For this sweet little ones images…