Baby W and his first Holidays

I know it wasn’t planned but baby W matched my holiday set perfectly! I can’t believe the next time I see him he will be sitting up.

Pre Teen Holiday Photography

Another great kid that I’ve had the honor of photographing since she was tiny! I can’t believe how old she is now! And how great she was about finding spots to photograph. And when we were finished she said, ‘that’s it?’ Yep, when you are super awesome to photograph, it goes quickly!

(family shots hidden til after card season)

Z and J Meet Santa

They were a little nervous about meeting Santa. But Z had a letter and Santa read it. I think these two are going to have a great holiday season!

Sisters + Santa

These two are always favorites when I get to see them. And hanging out in the studio with Santa was no exception! Even though someone was a tad bit nervous to meet the big man.

Santa visited the Studio

I love getting to see kiddos who I photographed when they were newborns! Aren’t they the best?


Thank you thank you thank you for everyone who nominated someone! I tried to choose on my own, but just couldn’t. Everyone nominated (and nominating) was so deserving!!

Congratulations to Holly Lynd!!! (And Jennifer Stringfellow who nominated you!)

L Twins Meet Santa

The L twins were back to meet with Santa. They were a little apprehensive at first but warmed up. With the help of M of course!

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