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National Zoo | Personal

National Zoo This summer we took a Griswold style family vacation. We loaded up the ole minivan and headed out to visit my family in Maryland. We added about an hour to our driving trip and went through a few states that we had never been through before. So far our kids state list is…

Happy New Year 2015

January 1st. . The day that marks so many new beginnings. I am one of those people who loves the day. The refresh button. The feeling that even if I didn’t accomplish all my goals now is the time that can change everything. This year is new for the taking. And I am hoping to…

My Weekend in Photos – Week 5

There weren’t too many photos this weekend. Between Scott being out for missions work and Jack’s gym competition not a lot of time was actually spent at home as we were all around Dallas. The kids (mainly Sophia) build a grand little fort this weekend. She spent most of her evening in it. She even…

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  • elizabethJanuary 27, 2014 - 9:47 am

    fun moments! I see how she blocked you from photos! 🙂ReplyCancel

Thursday Tips & Tricks | Photography in the Everyday…

I have to be completely honest with you. I have barely picked up my camera for the entire month of January. After the fall photography season it was time for a little break. But to be even more completely honest, I miss it terribly. I have missed not having my camera in my hand at…

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  • JennJanuary 23, 2014 - 11:18 am

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!! These are truly wonderful, Kristina! <3ReplyCancel

Best Face of 2013… I Heart Faces | Dallas Children’s Photography

Trying to choose a favorite image from the past year really is like picking your favorite child. You just can’t do it. I have so many best faces this year because of my wonderful clients. I couldn’t pick just one of them. . But this one, she is my best face. This is my girl….

  • Life with KaishonJanuary 13, 2014 - 11:44 am

    Adorable as can be! I love it. What a beautiful picture. She has an infectious smile.
    I am super jealous of your weather right now in Texas!ReplyCancel

  • MargaretJanuary 13, 2014 - 12:11 pm

    Love it! Her smile is infectious.ReplyCancel

  • JessicaJanuary 13, 2014 - 12:21 pm

    Love this!ReplyCancel

  • KristinJanuary 13, 2014 - 2:03 pm

    Love this adorable photo. It is genuine and warm. Well done!ReplyCancel

  • KarenJanuary 13, 2014 - 10:37 pm

    I love this. She’s beautiful.ReplyCancel

Jackson | Garland Children’s Photographer

Sometimes it is hard to see your children as growing up. Jackson is 7. He is about to start second grade. It is getting increasingly difficult for me to capture beautiful images of him without silly or bored faces. (Yes, even photographer parents have a hard time photographing their own children) Yesterday I asked him…

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  • Debbie McGeorgeJuly 28, 2011 - 12:28 pm

    as a mom of a seven year old, i totally understand. as a mom of a boy, you mention anything with firefighter gear, well, who would not be excited! Great concept, love the images.ReplyCancel